What is advanced filtering?

Advanced filtering makes your Talaia dashboard more flexible and dynamic. It allows you to retrieve the plots you are used to, based on a filter that you can express in a very simple way.

What can I do with advanced filtering?

With advanced filtering, you can track network usage for a particular subnet, IP address, port, minimum connection size, etcetera.  

How do I express a filter?

Perhaps it’s best to show that with a few examples.

Filtering for a particular IP address: ip

Filtering for traffic between two subnets: ip and ip

Filtering for large connections: bytes > 1000000

Filtering for traffic between two interfaces: exporter and face_in 1 and face_out 3 

Changes in the User Interface

We have updated our user interface to make room for filters. Most of the information is still right where you expect it - so the transition to the new UI should be very smooth.

What’s next?

We are working hard to further extend the graphing capabilities of Talaia. Next, we are working on a brand new tab where you will be able to create entirely new plots, besides the ones we currently have.

Under the hood

We have built a brand new distributed database that offers: (1) greater performance and uptime, (2) far more flexibility for getting results. Under the hood, Talaia translates your queries to SQL expressions that run blazing fast over a cluster of dedicated servers.

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