Talaia loves resellers!

We've put together alternate pricing structures for ISPs and MSPs.

The ability to create non-administrative user accounts with segmented/restricted visibility is also referred to as multitenancy. This way, your customers all send their data to your instance of Talaia, and while you can see all their combined traffic (with the ability to drill down into as desired), they can see only their own (which they can also drill down into).

To one degree or another, flow records scale with bandwidth. Each flow record sent to Talaia, and each view configured to segment those flows — by customer, by router, by interface... the possibilities are almost endless! — increases Talaia's computational and storage requirements. To ensure Talaia scales smoothly, limits exist on the number of configured views, as well as on daily average aggregated bandwidth represented in the NetFlow traffic sent to us.

For this reason, our volume pricing is tiered. Each successive tier permits sending NetFlow data to us from one additional emitter (typically, but not always, a router), configuration of additional views, extra average aggregate daily bandwidth, and the creation of one additional end-user account.

Some of your clients may not need any user accounts for their own use (if, for example, you're managing their infrastructure for them), while other clients may need several. The number of non-administrative (end-user) accounts permitted by your tier can be allocated across your client base however you see fit.

Administrative user accounts (with access to all your users along with their traffic and views) for your internal use are unlimited and cost nothing.

White-labelling (substitution of Talaia's branding and colour scheme with your own) is available at an extra cost. This includes the use of the FQDN of your choice within any domain name you own or control, so your own URL will appear in the browser window. We also use technology from our friends at Let's Encrypt to ensure all web traffic to Talaia is encrypted without you having to purchase, renew, or manage TLS certificates.

Other customisations are also available, such as data retention period.

Drop us a note to discuss offering Talaia as a value-added service, and we'll go from there!

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